Air Conditioning and Heating Design, Installation, Service and Indoor Air Quality.


Building long term relationships with our clients is something Absolute HVAC Mechanical Systems INC. strongly believes in. We go to great lengths to ensure our valuable clients receive our first-rate service. We are third-generation licensed master plumbers with over 37 years of experience. We have been an established and popular company with an excellent track record. We never compromised on the quality of work and the services we provided. We believe in keeping clients happy by providing them with the best products at a very competitive price.

We service, install and maintain all types of heating units, air conditioning units, and hot water heaters. You can trust Absolute HVAC to give you quality work and responsiveness. Our area of expertise lies specifically in gas heating, cooling, maintaining, servicing, installing and design specifications. Giving our clients an in-house, hands-on company specializing in all aspects of a mechanical/boiler or rooftop necessities.

Absolute HVAC is a A.O Smith service provider and installer for both residential and commercial heaters.

Absolute HVAC has been a National Grid Value Plus installer since 1984. Converting our clients and businesses from oil heating to natural gas heating. Conversions to natural gas provides a cleaner home, business and environment. Converting appliances such as stoves, dryers, BBQ, fireplace and generators gives you precise cooking, endless grilling, faster drying and reliable back up power. Homeowners never have to worry about refueling. National Grid also offers rebates when you convert. Absolute HVAC Mechanical Systems. welcomes the opportunity to assist you with your project needs. You’ll be glad you did. We look forward to working with you.

Services Provided

Emergency Service and Repairs

Need Help in a Pinch?

We offer 24/7 emergency services all year round! Call us at (631) 320-0814 for any of your HVAC emergencies!

Heat Repair and Installation

Residential and Commercial

Keep your family warm during the winter months with a properly working heating system, serviced by Absolute HVAC!

A/C Repairs and Installation

Residential and Commercial

Summers can be hot and humid on Long Island, Keep your home and family cool with our 10-point A/C inspection

Hot Water Repair and Installation

Residential and Commercial

If you have ever lost hot water service, you know how hard it is to go even one day without it. Give us a call so we can diagnose the problem without any further delay.


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